About Us

Sequoia Construction has been building custom homes in the Calgary area since 2003 and as carpenters in Calgary for many years we bring a personal touch to our homes.   When we began building custom homes we decided on two philosophies that would provide our customers with the most unique experience offered in custom home building.

  1. We believe that building your family’s custom home is one of the most important investments that you will make.  When you choose Sequoia Construction you are choosing a partnership based on respect and trust.  We will personally work with you to ensure that your home building experience is handled professionally and meets all your expectations.  Together we will design a home that is uniquely yours.

  2. We believe that having pride in what you do is not just a statement but a way of lifeWe proudly stand behind every custom home constructed by Sequoia Construction and we guarantee that your new home will be a source of pride for you as well.

Sequoia Construction has developed excellent working relations with some of the top trade’s people in Calgary.  We only work with craftsmen who have the same dedication to superior quality as we pride ourselves with.  We make your building experience unique by personally handling the most important aspects of your home.  From the design (which we will develop together to ensure functionality and uniqueness from each customer), to the actual framing of your custom home.  Our customers can relax knowing that the people they have come to trust are handling the most crucial aspects of their investment.

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If you have any questions or would like to discuss building your custom home with Sequoia Construction, please contact us directly.

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Jeff Stewart – CSO Sequoia Construction Inc.

Sean Bunting – CCO Sequoia Construction Inc.


Sequoia Construction Inc.
CEO/Owner: Jeff Stewart
Office: 403-650-3558